Professional Corporation, Chuo Sogo Law Office (Chuo Sogo Law Office, P. C.)

Firm History

Tsugujiro Nakatsukasa becomes sole practitioner and founds Nakatsukasa Law Office
Office relocates to present address, Kohda Building 11th Floor, 2-10-2 Nishi-tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka
Office name changed to Nakatsukasa Sogo Law Office
Office name changed to Chuo Sogo Law Office
Incorporated as Professional Corporation Chuo Sogo Law Office; Tokyo Office is established
Kyoto Office is established.
Tokyo Office relocates to NBF Hibiya Building in Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku.
The Firm joins GLOBALAW , a global network of close to 100 law firms all over the world with more than 5,000 lawyers in 170 cities.


Japanese / English


Various companies, corporations, educational institutions, judicial persons and organizations and local governments including: banks; financial institutions; servicers; guarantee associations; leasing, consumer credit, insurance, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, trading, steel, railroad, atomic energy, energy, real estate, housing, construction and building rental companies; travel agencies; broadcasting, transportation and distribution companies; medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, testing, IT related, communication, advertisement, publishing, apparel, golf, hotel and personnel companies.

Member of the following academic societies and study groups

・Financial Law Society (Kinyu-hogaku-kai), Member
・Trust Law Society (Shintaku-hogaku-kai), Member
・Land Law Society (Tochi-hogaku-kai), Member
・Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIRA), Member
・Japan Industrial Property Rights Law Society (Nihon Kogyo-shoyuken-hogaku-kai), Member
・Japanese Association of Sociology of Law (Nihon Ho-shakaigaku-kai), Member
・Kyoto Comparative Law Center (Non Profit Research Organization) (Hikakuho Kenkyu Senta), Member
・Financial and Fiscal Situation Study Group Inc. (Kinyu Zaisei Jijyo Kenkyusho)
  National Credit Management and Collection Personnel Liaison Conference, Secretary
  Kansai Financial Conference, Member
・The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (Nihon Shoji Chusai Kyokai)
・Japan Association of Lawyers (Nihon Horitsuka Kyokai), Member
・Friends of LAWASIA Associations in Japan (Nihon LAWASIA Yuko Kyokai), Member
・Inter-Pacific Bar Association (Kan-taiheiyo Hoso Kyokai), Member
・International Civil and Commercial Law Centre Foundation (Kokusai Min-shoji-ho Senta), Academic Counsellor
・Japan Association of the Law of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Member
・Japan Law Foundation (Nichibenren Homu Kenkyu Zaidan), Member