General Corporate Affairs

Lawyers with the knowledge and experience to conduct international dealings are essential to success in today’s global business environment. Our up-to-date and extensive professional knowledge and experience allows us to offer a comprehensive range of corporate legal services both inside and outside of Japan. From contract negotiations and drafting to litigation and settlements of disputes, our team of dedicated attorneys can help any step of the way.

  • commercial trade agreements
  • corporate governance
  • establishment of compliance policies
  • risk management
  • countermeasures for misconduct
  • independent investigation committee
  • investigation of corruption or misconduct
  • collection of debt
  • in-house training support

Banking and Finance Law

The core of our practice revolves around finance and banking. As the counsel for some of the most prestigious banks and financial institutions in Japan we offer clients a wealth of experience in the world of banking and finance law.

We handle large-scale litigations, finance ADR and dispute resolution cases. We have dispatched attorneys to the Japanese Financial Services Agency who offer advice with most advanced knowledge in relation to incorporation or approval/licenses of banks or financial instruments business operators.

We also provide clients with guidance in matters involving loans, credit cards, leasing and financial regulations.

  • bank transactions
  • securities transactions
  • derivatives transactions
  • legal advice and opinions relating to financial regulations
  • collection of debt relating to non-bank, credit, leasing or credit cards transactions
  • dispute resolution in matters arising from financial regulations

Insurance Law

With considerable experience working at the Insurance Department of the Japanese Financial Service Agency, our attorneys advise and issue opinions on insurance related matters including incorporation, mergers, liquidation and acquisition of insurance companies. We provide litigations, mediation and ADR assistance involving insurance products.

  • legal advice relating to insurance laws and regulations
  • issuing opinions relating to insurance laws and regulations
  • incorporation, mergers, liquidations and acquisitions
  • disputes involving insurance products
  • litigation, mediation and ADR procedures involving insurance products
  • disputes involving traffic accidents

Corporate Law and Securities

Our corporate team assists with matters related to company management for both publicly listed and private companies. We assist clients with issues relating to shareholders’ and directors’ meetings, compliance, risk management, and investigations for misconduct.

  • matters concerning shareholders’ and directors’ meetings
  • risk management & countermeasures for misconduct
  • compliance
  • independent committees
  • investigation of corruption and misconduct
  • incorporation
  • commercial registration
  • assistance in disclosure issues


With our strength and considerable experience in the financial field, our qualified attorneys can handle a variety of financial projects in Japan and abroad. We provide comprehensive legal services from review to closing of financial projects including corporate finance, structured finance and project finance. We also offer assistance to clients in the fields of Asset Based Lending (ABL), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and ship finance.

  • corporate finance
  • structured finance
  • project finance
  • ship finance
  • Asset Based Lending (ABL)
  • securitization projects
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Reorganization

With experience in developing strategies, conducting due diligence, and negotiating contracts in corporate merger and acquisition cases, we work on either side of transactions. Due to the numerous areas of law involved when acquiring or reorganizing a company, extensive legal risk analysis is required. Our considerable experience allows us to offer clients advice to suit their individual needs. Through our vast international network, we are also able to provide expeditious and cost-effective assistance in cases involving overseas and multi-national operations.

  • development of strategies related to M&As and corporate reorganizations
  • contract drafting related to M&As and corporate reorganizations
  • due diligence in acquisitions projects
  • M&A negotiations
  • corporate de-mergers
  • reports to Fair Trade Commission or other government authorities

Intellectual Property

A significant value of a company often attaches to its intellectual property. Protection of investments in intellectual property is essential to insure the sustained success of many companies. Chuo Sogo handles a large number of litigation cases, negotiations and the drafting of contracts related to intellectual property law, unfair competition prevention law and copyright law. Our experienced IP attorneys offer guidance to protect IP rights in a wide array of commercial sectors.

With the cooperation of our affiliated patent firms, we are part of a strong global legal network, allowing us to cater to our clients’ international IP needs with an innovative and cost-effective approach.

  • Patents, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights, copyrights and prevention of unfair competition.
  • transactions related to Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual property management
  • litigation of and injunctive relief in infringement cases
  • requests for invalidation or appeals to the Intellectual Property High Court
  • contract drafting for IP licenses
  • protection of know-how and trade secrets


In recent years, increasing scrutiny and enforcement of competition laws by Japanese government agencies has changed the business environment of Japan. We understand that maintaining a competitive advantage in the face of increasingly strict competition laws can present many challenges for businesses operating in Japan.

Companies accused of violating competition laws become exposed to significant legal risks. Our attorneys can assist with cases involving unfair practice in Japan, investigations by the Fair Trade Commission and matters relating to the Consumer Protection Law.

  • cartel & private monopolization
  • unfair practice
  • business combination
  • mergers clearance
  • assistance & advice in investigations by the Fair Trade Commission
  • assistance & advice in matters relating to the Consumer Protection Law
  • assistance & advice in hearing procedures at the Fair Trade Commission
  • matters relating to the Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds to Subcontractors
  • matters relating to the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations

International Business Transactions

Parallel with the globalization of marketplace, international business transactions are now commonplace, but navigating the many laws and regulations of foreign countries can be quite challenging and expensive. Chuo Sogo helps clients to maximize the impact of their business abroad in a cost-effective and innovative way.

With our vast experience in international litigation, we assist clients in a variety of complex matters that require professional expertise domestically and internationally. We provide advice, negotiation assistance and contract drafting that are vital to operations of foreign companies in Japan and Japanese businesses overseas.

We have the resources to deal expeditiously with international matters. When necessary, we partner with other skilled international professionals through both our relationships with overseas firms and our membership in Globalaw, one of the world’s preeminent legal networks with over 100 independent law firms all over the world. Such flexibility ensures that our clients receive the best individualized legal support at a reasonable cost.

  • matters relating to cross-border transactions
  • international litigation and arbitration
  • discovery and deposition support
  • cross border joint ventures
  • international licenses and distribution agreements
  • domestic and overseas investment
  • advice on labor issues
  • advice on IP issues
  • cross border M&A due diligence
  • establishment of subsidiaries


Chuo Sogo offers clients expert litigation and alternative dispute resolution services to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts. We are involved in numerous large-scale litigation and dispute resolution cases in all fields. Working in a wide array of industries, we have accumulated broad experience of strategizing, producing evidence and ultimately winning cases for our clients.

Our experienced attorneys help clients formulate strategies to litigate and win cases in Japan and abroad. We have experience with cases involving individuals, corporations, local and foreign governments, and other organizations. We handle litigation cases filed in Japan and internationally, providing representation for Japanese and foreign companies facing litigation overseas or in Japan.

With our team of foreign registered, English-speaking lawyers we represent Japanese and foreign companies in lawsuits in the US, Japan and other countries.

  • domestic and international litigation
  • alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • claims assistance

Employment and Labor

With our wealth of experience representing employers in dispute resolution matters, we help clients navigate through the complexities of employment and labor issues including wage and dismissal disputes, staff and wage reductions in corporate restructuring, legal issues involving workplace rules and labor agreements, occupational safety, and employment of foreign workers.

  • wage and dismissal disputes
  • corporate restructuring labor issues
  • labor agreements
  • employment of foreign workers
  • occupational safety

Real Estate

With our extensive experience in real estate litigation and dispute resolution, we provide expert advice on and assistance with real estate issues: from contract negotiations and drafting to property registrations.

  • contracts and disputes involving real estate purchases, sales, and leases
  • issues related to planning the utilization of national land, and urban development
  • disputes involving construction, boundaries with adjacent land, access rights, solar rights and noise ordinances
  • matters related to property registration

Organized Crime Countermeasures

For the safety and security of any society, the rule of law must be upheld and defended from organized crime. Traditionally, a large part of our expertise has related to providing effective countermeasures for, and the prevention of the influence of organized crime. We participated in the drafting of the Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members Law. Based on our broad experience in resolving complicated cases, we offer clients concrete and practical advice to manage corporate risks and crises and to establish compliance policies that will form the foundation of sound corporate governance.

Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation

Based on our experience acting either for debtors or as trustees for businesses, we are able to provide clients with concrete and practical advice from the perspective of both a debtor and creditor. Through our experience representing leading banks in Japan, we have the knowledge and flexibility to appropriately respond to client individual needs.

  • bankruptcies
  • civil rehabilitations
  • corporate reorganizations
  • special conciliations
  • special liquidations
  • corporate arrangements
  • establishment of reorganization plans
  • negotiations with financers and sponsors

Business Succession, Family Law and Inheritance

As a full-service law firm, our experienced lawyers offer help to individuals with dispute resolution in general civil cases. Our family law personnel, including a mediator of the Family Court, provides clients with individualized advice and representation in divorce, adoption, succession, guardianship of incompetent adults, family register dispute cases, and in the drafting, maintenance and execution of wills.

  • business succession
  • inheritance
  • wills
  • partition of estate
  • divorce matters