Chiyu ABO

Chiyu ABO Partner
Admitted in Japan,New York and Michigan

Practice Areas International business transactions, finance law, commercial law, civil law, intellectual property law
Education Cornell University Law School,U.S.A
Chuo University, Faculty of Law
Languages Japanese/ English

Professional Experience and Expertise

Advice on wide range of financial law-related matters and dispute resolution (including advice on new product development and various agreements, compliance, corporate restructuring, lender liability litigation involving a variety of financial products, investment proposals and debt collection); M&A; international business transactions; international dispute resolution.

Cases and Matters Handled

■Financial institution- related
・Advice, negotiations and contractual drafting relating to buyout funds, real estate securitization, private equity funds established under foreign law and other financial schemes.
・Contractual drafting and advice relating to financial transactions including international and domestic factoring and foreign exchange warrants.
・Advice on securing overseas assets
・Advice and contractual drafting relating to obtaining finance and mortgages from foreign financial institutions based on Japanese law
・Drafting legal advice on variety of legal issues faced by financial institutions
・Strategies for internal audits of financial institutions and other compliance issues
・Representation in general debt recovery and asset reduction litigation
・Representation in lender liability cases regarding real estate, shares and insurance
・Representation in asset preservation and injunction proceedings
・Representation in power-of-sale and other specific performance proceedings
・Strategies for claims of options and other derivative transactions
・Other advice relating to day-to-day legal issues faced by banks and financial institutions


・Contractual drafting and advice relating to restructuring of financial institutions and transfers of business
・Contractual drafting and advice relating to purchase of Japanese corporations by foreign corporations
・Due diligence in on-market and off-market takeovers



・Insolvency, civil rehabilitation, special liquidation, and corporate insolvencies
・Court-appointed administrator, liquidator and auditor
・Represented creditors in negotiation and requesting debt assessment and disallowance in corporate restructuring, civil rehabilitation and voluntary liquidation cases


■International transactions
・Negotiation and contractual drafting for joint ventures in the USA, Australia, South Korea and China
・Negotiation and drafting of license contracts for intellectual property, including patents and trademarks
・Negotiation and drafting of franchise contracts, joint development agreements, confidentiality agreements and other general contracts relating to international transactions
・Advice on procedures for liquidation of foreign subsidiaries
・Drafting legal advice on finance, leases, and issues of letters of credit under Japanese law for foreign financial institutions
・Providing advice to foreign corporations on a variety of issues (including general civil and commercial law, banking law, securities transactions law, pharmaceutical law, copyright law, anti-monopoly law and personal information protection law) under Japanese law


■International dispute resolution
・Advice and assistance in litigation and commercial arbitration in the USA, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe and China
・Representing foreign commercial and individual clients in litigation and arbitration in Japan (general civil and commercial law and labor law)


・Advice on company incorporation, general meetings, director regulations, transfers of business, mergers, demergers and liquidation
・Advice on and drafting of a variety of investment contracts, share purchase contracts and contracts between shareholders


■Intellectual property- related
・Representing defendant in patent infringement litigation
・Representing in trademark, patent and copyright infringement
・Advice on licensing, etc


・Disputes related to letter of credit (representing financial institution)
・Representing in disputes related to bills of lading (representing carrier)
・Execution and power-of-sale of documentary bills
・Advice on a variety of freight-related contracts


・Advice to foreign companies on Japanese labor law


■Variety of civil/ commercial and administrative litigation
・Land and housing lease disputes, termination of franchise, disputes between shareholders in closed companies, debt collection, traffic accidents, building subcontracting, medical malpractice, dismissal and other labor disputes, applications to overturn compulsory land acquisition, general compensation applications, inheritance, divorce and other family law cases


・A variety of criminal cases, including representing foreign clients (two acquittals)

Professional Career

Aug. 2017 to present
Tokyo International School, Board Member


Oct.2013 to present
Globalaw, Board Member


Nov. 2012 to present
AEON REIT Investment Corporation, Supervisory Officer


Jun. 2012 to present
Disciplinary Enforcement Committee of Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, Member


Jun. 2006
Appointed member of examination committee of National Certificate Exam for proficiency measurement in Financial Products Sale


Returned to Chuo Sogo Law Office


Practiced at Dickinson Wright Law Office in Michigan
Admitted in the State of New York and Michigan
Graduated Cornell University Law School, U.S.A


Entered Cornell University Law School, U.S.A


Apr. 1986
Joined Chuo Sogo Law Office;
Registered with Osaka Bar Association;
Completed the requisite courses at the Supreme Court’s Legal Research and Training Institute(38th Class)


"A Legal Guide to Doing Business in the Asia-Pacific" co-author (ABA, 2010)
"Tax & Law: Business Transfer, Corporate Division, Share Transfer, Merger, Rehabilitation, Reorganization and Liquidation ", co-author (Daiichi Hoki);
"United States International Tax Law ", co-author (Seibun-sha);
"Debt Collection Handbook, Execution Trouble Q&A ", co-author (Keizai Horei Kenkyukai);
"3300 Lessons for Dealing with Legal Issues at the Bank Teller", co-author (Kinyu Zaisei Jijo Kenkyukai);
"Financial Instruments Exchange Law and Financial Practice", co-author (Keizai Horei Kenkyukai)
Chiyu ABO
Practice Areas International business transactions, finance law, commercial law, civil law, intellectual property law
Education Cornell University Law School,U.S.A
Chuo University, Faculty of Law
Languages Japanese/ English